You will not be able to take advantage of the great opportunities if you don’t what and when they are. The Badger FFA is making great strides to keep FFA members, parents, and supporters informed. The Badger FFA uses the following methods to communicate with our members. Then it is up to you as a member to make the most of your FFA experience.


FFA Text Message System

Receive FFA announcements on your cell phone. This is the easiest way for you to receive immediate updates about FFA events.  We won’t spam you either!

How to receive Badger FFA Text Messages:

Dial:  715-259-7444    Text:@ffamember in the body of the text

Don’t have texting?  How about email notification?  Get an email several days before meetings and other FFA events!

Send a message to:     

Type in the subject line:      @ffamember


Add BadgerFFA as a “friend” on facebook. This is updated regularly with events posted, and pictures.


Follow @BadgerFFA on Instagram to see the weekly pictures posted.