Upcoming Events:

Freshman First Day September 1st

Walworth county Fair August 31 to September 5

Discovery Barn Work at the Walworth County Fair

Ag Intro Night September 8

First FFA Meeting September 12th at 5pm–Free Mini Golf!

FFA Kickball tournament September 26

Work concession stand September 24th


4-H Newsletter link:  Use this to make sure you are meeting all project requirements.



Want to learn more about the FFA or still have questions about what we are? Find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/badger.ffa Check out the Badger FFA Handbook and POA (below) to learn more!

Badger FFA Handbook 2014-15

Badger FFA POA 2014-2015

See Mr. Plapp or Mrs. Franks for more information!